I was 63 and 190 pounds when I started CrossFit. I had slowly (but steadily) been gaining weight for the past 15 years.  I had tried various diet and exercise programs but never managed to reverse the trend. At that time I had joint problems, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, general fatigue during the day, and a poor self image.  CrossFit was enabling in every aspect of my life. I found people who were caring and compassionate and seemed to desire better health and fitness for me. I quickly became a member of this healthy family where  everyone welcomed me. Every workout was a challenge, which on a sliding scale became more challenging as I got better and stronger. I developed a sense of fulfillment, success, and satisfaction. Within a few months I was noticeably more fit but also happier, stronger, healthier (physically and mentally), and had more energy. The weight came off which I had deemed impossible for someone my age.  I am now 65 and have maintained a weight of 160 pounds for over a year.

Although I have greatly enjoyed better health and fitness, the number one improvement in my life has been happiness. More than simply CrossFit, I want to thank all of the instructors and other CrossFitters who have meant so much to me in this process of renewed life. CrossFit was the vehicle that brought us together and continues to hold us together. And one of those great extras is that I love the workouts!

Steve Bieber

Before boot camp  I had never been to a CrossFit class before.  I had just finished running my first half marathon a few weeks before and thought I was in pretty good shape. Ha!  If I could look back on that person now I would laugh!! CrossFit has been very empowering for me.  Beyond seeing muscles in places I didn’t know existed (shoulders and arms) it has been mentally empowering.  Knowing that before we start a WOD I think it impossible but then end up finishing everything has made me mentally stronger.  Getting used to the Olympic weightlifting has also been amazing.  Knowing that I can deadlift a good sized adult man is fun!  I also find that the movements really are cross functional.  Hiking and skiing have never been this fun.  Instead of being out of breath and tired on the trail I am now able to enjoy the scenery and company!

Rachael Sisneros

Last weekend on my vacation at the Paradise Guest Ranch near Buffalo, WY I participated in a 17 mile mountain hike.  I was the only person to participate with the hiking guide. The top of the hike was about 10000 feet elevation.  Lots of rugged terrain up and downhill throughout the entire hike and the crossing of several streams with thigh high water (which was very cold lol) I believe my conditioning from CrossFit totally helped me to complete the hike without having to ever stop except for pictures and the celebratory beer and sandwich at the top.

-Matt Lockhart


I grew up in a very strict home where expectations were always too high .  (As I’m sure many of us did).  That manifested itself into the only control I felt I had which was over my body-and I mistakenly used that to think the thinner the better, at any cost.  This resulted in me literally running my butt off.  I started CrossFit about 8 months ago, and I finally, at the age of 44, feel like I am in control of myself-not my body in control of me.  Sure, I could run marathons, but getting through boot camp was tough.  I have really had to suck it up many days and just get through it, but when I am done, I feel fantastic!  Evan and Christa especially have been so encouraging and positive-I can’t say enough about them!  I feel stronger every time I go, and can actually see muscles now!!  I now see how wrong my idea of fitness was.  CrossFit has really given me my life back!

Thank you for this opportunity!!!

-Christina Moore

I’m thankful for crossfit. Its given me courage and belief to push through just about everything. I’ve seen my body go through some pretty cool changes and do some things I never thought it could. I’ve met some I consider to be my best friends a support system like no other. CrossFit really has changed my life.

MaKenzie Meade

I am so grateful to my husband, Jon, for encouraging me and supporting me to start (and maintain) CrossFit and to the 7220 community that I’ve felt welcomed into. I’ve battled several mental and physical obstacles the past year and a half. Shortly after the birth of my son in January 2012 I was diagnosed with a variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. At the most challenging stage of this I was unable to move the muscles of my jaw, close my eyes completely, or raise my right arm above chest height. I distinctly remember at one point during my hospitalization only being able to walk about 500 feet without being totally fatigued and in pain. As a result of the treatment that I received for the GBS, it caused irreversible kidney damage so that my kidney function is only about half of what it was prior to the treatment. During the past year I’ve lived in fear of having a reoccurrence of symptoms similar to the GBS, fear of possible progressing kidney disease, fear of not being able to run, play, jump, and cuddle with my children and a fear of not living the active lifestyle I’ve always maintained.

Cue CrossFit…… My husband, knowing me better than I know myself, signed us up for the Level 1 Trainer course in March. I reluctantly attended, fearing I would hurt myself or be so out of shape I would be intimidated. The opposite occurred. I felt truly motivated to make dramatic changes in the way I move for the first time in a year. Shortly after, I joined 7220 and have allowed myself to break down all the physical, but more importantly, mental barriers I created. I find myself no longer fearful of the future but find myself able to focus my mental and physical strength in the present. I thank the trainers for their watchful eyes and encouragement and my fellow athletes for the healthiest competition I’ve been involved in. The CrossFit lifestyle, and in particular our 7220 community, embodies so much of my core beliefs and I am honored to be able to share this with other like-minded individuals. I thank you for “forcing me” to goal set and keeping me accountable.

Thank you, thank you.

-Gretchen Claude

 I finished Laramie Enduro (70 miles) in 7:10 which is a PR for me. Usually, for an endurance mountain bike event a few big training rides are in order. Those didn’t happen for me this year, and my training rides were short and sporadic.  I guess I have to credit CrossFit for my training. My legs always had the power when I needed it.  I managed my output and nutrition well, and it all came together.  Just wanted to say thanks again for the program.
 Thanks again for a great program.  I am definitely progressing (slowly).  Its making me a stronger, healthier, and better person.  We have a great group of trainers and athletes.  Keep up the good work.

Nick Visser

In fall of 2012, I was doing “crossfit” workouts in my workplace’s exercise room.  My thought was that I could get the same benefit if the exercises were the same.  After a few months of minimal results, in January 2013 I decided to start attending WOD’s at CrossFit 7220.  The difference was HUGE.  Mainly because of the trainers’ instruction, motivation and camaraderie with the other athletes.  I travel frequently around the country and can say with certainty that the community in our box is among the best in the country.  I feel better than I have in 20 years and look forward everyday to coming to a workout.  If you want to see results and a positive change in your overall fitness, give CrossFit 7220 a shot.

-Dan Bleak

I was traveling for work and staying at a B&B. When I was checking in, a relative of the owner fell and couldn’t get up (she has MS). The owner and I were the only other people here, and the owner couldn’t get her relative up. I could, though. Thanks CrossFit! I don’t think I could have done that when I was “just a runner”.

-Mandy Kauffman

I walked into my first day of bootcamp and was scared to death because I was so worried about what people would think of me. I was so concerned about how I would look and how I would perform and I just knew I would be the last person to finish and assumed that everyone would think that I was a waste of a perfectly good spot that someone else could have had. I had NO self confidence in myself. None. Zero.

I can tell you that I have become that confident person that I had never been and I don’t care if I’m the last person to finish a WOD…I show up and I finish and that is all I need to do! My CrossFit 7220 family encourages me every single day that I’m there and many have become wonderful friends. They are a fantasic group of positive and encouraging motivators who are not only there for themselves, but also for fellow athletes.

Don’t sell yourself short. If you have been wanting to do something to change your bad habits, get in shape or both then go for it. Commit. Yes, it will be hard. Harder then you think you are capable of handling, but just remember that once you are done you have accomplished something that you never thought you could do! Take that first step to a better you!!!

Jonie Markle


I am incredibly thankful that my friend talked me into trying crossfit. It has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I love the expertise, positivity and encouragement that not only the trainers provide, but the other members of the gym provide as well. This gym is so unique in that it provides an atmosphere that is incredibly motivating and focuses on self-improvement. Crossfit has taught me the importance of lifting with proper form, and the importance of mental strength in regards to fitness. I am thankful for the relationships I have formed with the members of the gym.

-Dani Riker

“I can say for myself that I went from having osteopathic to normal bone density since having started crossfit.  Also I am much stronger especially in upper body and core strength.  I used to think what we were doing in WODs was impossible but now I think with some scales I can actually complete the WOD, so I am much more confident.”

Kate Bieber