Nicole Bleak

Tricky Nicky

webNic9372I’ve had a passion for fitness as long as I can remember.  At a very young age I followed along with Gilad on T.V.’s “Bodies in Motion” (remember on the beaches in Hawaii?).  In later teen years I regularly attended exercise classes and eventually worked as a fitness instructor at both the University of Wyoming and University of Utah.

I’ve always favored endurance exercise and began running long distance in my early adulthood.  Soon after running my second marathon, I grew tired of the long training runs and began to desire shorter, more intense workouts (which were giving me better results).

I had read about CrossFit and suspected it followed the same principle’s I had been gravitating to in recent years. I was also impressed by the emphasis on nutrition that so many other exercise programs lack. When I heard there was a group starting in Laramie, I attended a class and knew I needed to be amongst these “CrossFitters” who were fitness freaks like me!webNicB9374

CrossFit’s focus on body mechanics, proper technique, and functional movements echoes many of the principles I had been taught in school and experienced with clients.  As a physical therapist I have always preferred active vs. passive treatments and practiced with the principle: get moving,  feel better!

Perhaps what I love most about CrossFit is that it transcends physical boundaries. It isn’t necessarily vital to one’s physiological well-being to be able to perform a pull-up (or muscle up, etc.); but when you finally CAN do it, the confidence to excel is carried out beyond the gym affecting many aspects of one’s life.

My life outside of CrossFit seems to also be constantly varied and full of high intensity while I keep up with the functional movements of my four children. I also enjoy photography, cooking, shopping, decorating, attending sporting events, and watching Doug melt faces.

Related Courses/Degrees/Certifications:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Bachelor of Science Exercise & Sport Science
  • Master of Physical Therapy
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  • USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • FMS Certified