Linsey Callens

Linsey, the Humboldt Honey

webLinsI grew up in Northern California with the Redwoods in my back yard and the Pacific Ocean next door. I’ve always had an active lifestyle, and being the youngest of three, I’m competitive by nature.  My parents have always been very encouraging and supportive.   I started playing soccer in 3rd grade and continued through high school. Soccer was my favorite past time, and California weather allowed me to play year round.

Now, I’m a happy Laramie resident just enjoying the simplicities of life.  When I’m not in the box I’m typically studying, playing with the dog, or getting some relaxation time.  I enjoy anything from playing in the mountains, listening to a live band, or a simple road trip across Wyoming.

When I first heard about CrossFit from a close friend, I couldn’t help but think how unpleasant and difficult it seemed.  Not to mention, how odd he sounded talking about WOD’s, snatches and burpee’s! I was content with my occasional jog or 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I thought I had a pretty balanced diet, and was over all decently healthy.  After approximately 6 months of excuses, I finally tried my first WOD. Unpleasant and difficult was an understatement! I realized my workouts weren’t cutting it, and if I wanted to get fit, something had to change.

CrossFit brought back my competitive nature, and my desire to become healthy.  It made me realize that my body is a machine that needs to be fueled correctly in order for it to function at its highest potential.  I look at life differently because of CrossFit. It gives me the power and confidence I need to try anything and not to give up on my goals.

 Related Courses/Degrees/Certifications:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach Certification

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