Jeff Selden

TJ Hooker

webtjhookI first learned about Crossfit in an article discussing different training programs for hunting. I was intrigued, googled it, and found out that Laramie didn’t have an affiliate. I tried to do the WODs on the main site, but I didn’t have the equipment. I was doing towel pull-ups for rope climbs and throwing a pillow at the ceiling for wall balls. It sounds ridiculous (and NiLA found the whole thing totally hilarious), but I loved it. So in October of  2011, when I rechecked the main site and saw that Crossfit 7220 had opened, I emailed Mike D and started working out with an awesome group in the basement of IDES. (That’s right, baby, I’m a 7220 basement OG.)tjhooker

I love being a part of this community, sharing what little knowledge I have, and learning from everyone else. In the unreal world, I teach undergrad and grad math classes at the University of Wyoming. I also love music. I sing, play a few instruments, and dabble in instrument making and repair.

 Related Courses/Degrees/Certifications:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Goal Setting Trainer certificate
  • Kettlebell Trainer Certificate
  • Olympic Lifting Certificate

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