Chris Michael


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I have been a part of the 7220 Crew since the IDES basement days, where I started throwing down against the one and only CrossFit Jesus (Jeff Nelson). I began coaching at CrossFit 7220 in Spring of 2012 and continued coaching at NKC CrossFit in Kansas City, MO until September 2012 before I returned to Laramie land for good.

In addition to my CrossFit coaching, I also have over 5 years of coaching both beginner and elite divers (the flip & twist kind, not scuba divers…) Diving, like CrossFit, demands a deep understanding of not only efficient human movement and meticulous motor control, but also mental preparation and positive thinking.

Outside of CrossFit, I have tested my limits with everything from trail marathons to triathlons to 7-hour stair master competitions all mostly in the name of not losing or proving it could be done with little training. In college, I played competitive club ultimate frisbee with UW for four years and dabbled in such things as slacklining.

For a day job, I am the Marketing Director for Bright Agrotech, a local vertical farming tech company working to bring fresher, more nutrient-dense food to the Laramie community and helping small farmers around the world do the same. If you’re interested in learning more about Laramie’s local vertical farm/Community Supported Agriculture program, give me a shout.


 Related Courses/Degrees/Certifications:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified