Class Descriptions

All classes on the schedule will feature the daily WOD posted on the website unless otherwise noted. In addition to the WOD, each hour-long class will include movement prep mobility work,  a strength or skill focus, demonstration with instruction for each element of the WOD, and suggestions for optional extra work and cool down.


Saturday Slamdown!
Work along side trainers Toby Marlatt and Nicole Bleak Saturday mornings at 6:00 am for an intense Hero (or Hero-type) WOD.  Since this hour will be less-structured with little coaching, it is geared toward  veteran athletes with at least 6 months of CrossFit experience and those who usually perform WOD’s at prescribed weights and movements.


UW Student Group: Full-time students are invited to attend this free class currently meeting Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. (Check with gym at beginning of each semester for exact start date.) There is no pre-requisite skills required to attend; however, if a student would like to attend workouts outside of the student group, they must be cleared through a trainer who may recommend a skills check or Foundations Class. They will also be required to pay full member pricing (at student rate) for classes other than student group.


Clinics: Clinics focusing on a specific skill will be offered periodically. An announcement will be posted as soon as these are added to the schedule.

Out of the Box (OOB): These are not classes attended in the gym, but workouts designed to require little to no equipment so you can still get your WOD in while traveling or if stuck at home. “OOB” WOD’s are free of charge so if you pay using the punch card method, they will not count as a punch. You can sign up for them and log your results just as you would a regular WOD.


Available for an additional $10/month for those who pay for monthly unlimited WOD’s. Yoga classes currently offered:
Thursdays @ noon (at West location)
Saturdays @ 9:30 (at Hot Power Yoga)
please sign up on the schedule if you plan to attend these classes


Oly Club:  Join Oly Lifting specialty trainer and Olympic Lifter Don Robbins, for a class focusing on the Clean and Jerk and Snatch. The class will focus on mobility, drills, and accessory work specifically designed to target and improve Olympic Lifting technique. This class is open to all members who have demonstrated at least a beginner-level proficiency in the lifts. It will be offered 6:30 pm Thursday evenings. Please sign up on the schedule as spaces are limited.