CrossFit 7220 Programming Philosophy


Fundamentally, CrossFit 7220 is a strength and conditioning facility that programs constantly varied functional movements to be performed at high intensity.  Our goal is for our members to achieve a broad type of fitness, that is general and inclusive, preparing them for both known and unknown physical and mental challenges.  Through the use of metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and throwing, CrossFit 7220 programs daily workouts to challenge and inspire athletes, as well as keep athletes interested in long-term fitness progress.


While there is no secret formula to programming for a large and thriving membership, there is a sort of “template” utilized by CrossFit 7220 programmers to ensure we stay on target.

Daily WOD Template

Mobility (Static/Dynamic)





Optional / Additional


Weekly Template

WODs will vary from day to day, but one can expect certain types of training to come up from week to week.  One should expect to see multiple time domains throughout the week, as well as both work- and time-priority workouts.  Modalities will vary between metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting, as will the method for combining the elements (couplets, triplets, chippers, and mono-structural).  Members should expect a mix between all of these elements throughout the week.

In terms of strength and skill work, each week it is our goal to include in either the WOD, strength/skill, or warm-up section of the daily template:

  • Front squat movements (can be covered by squat clean or thrusters)
  • Deadlift movements
  • Shoulder to overhead movements (includes strict press, push press, jerk, thruster, HSPU)
  • Back squats or OHS movements (OHS can be covered by squat snatches, alternate OHS and BS each week unless both can be fit in)
  • Cleans (covered by any movement where barbell is cleaned to front rack position: thrusters, off the rack front squats, front rack lunges)
  • Snatches (may be OHS taken from ground)
  • Double under / jump rope movements
  • Handstands
  • Gymnastic rig work (pull-ups, T2B, or K2E)

Best Practices

From time to time, CrossFit 7220 will adopt “best practices” programming from well-know strength and conditioning programs.  As long as the programming fits within the template outlined above, programs developed by others are fair game here at CrossFit 7220.  A recent example of this was the Wendler 5-3-1 program that we tried.  This is an example of periodized strength training that lead to strength gains for a large majority of our members.

We are currently adopting a lot of our programming from one of my favorite CrossFit sources, CrossFit New England.  Coach Bergeron has a phenomenal track record, and programs for a broad audience.  He fully embraces those elements of CrossFit that we hold dear.

What you will find in a typical week around here is a mix of our very own coaches’ programming and programming from around the CrossFit world.