Nutrition Challenge Results!

If you participated in the challenge and made changes, even small ones, then you are a winner! We hope you’ll continue down a path that leads to better fitness and health!


Thank you, again,  Derek and Marci Smith and the UW Kinesiology Department for making pre/post Dexa Scan’s possible!

  • We had 168 participants.  119 completed the challenge.
  • Total body weight reduction was 457 pounds!
  • Total loss in body fat= 233%
  • Total loss in waist circumference 397 cm!
  • 84 pounds of lean muscle mass was added

Why DO we want lean mass?


  • battles obesity
  • increases metabolism so you burn more calories even while doing nothing!
  • helps battle disease
  • contributes to strong bones
  • prevents insulin resistance (Type II Diabetes)


Top Body Fat Reduction:
Matt Nagy
Aaron Murray
Brett Kvenild
John McKee
Nic Massine

Jill Rettinger
Shannon Davis
Jessica Markham
Marcia Peterson
Anne Stevens

Top Weight Loss
Marty Mckinney
Doug Roehrkasse
Brett Kvenild
Andy Omen
Matt Nagy

Marcia Peterson
Abi Gerhard
Jonie Markle
Laura Olsen
Tanna Nagy

Top waist circumference reductions:
Marty McKinney
Brett Kvenild
Matt Nagy
John McKee
Nic Massine

Cassa Hollenbeck
Debbie Swierczek
Marcia Peterson
Stephanie Fortman
Madison Watson

Top Lean Mass Gains:
John Mckee
Jacob Killebrew
Brett Kvenild
Derrick Thompson
Dennis Johnson

Andrea Aragon-Meyer
Shannon Davis
Jill Rettinger
Jennifer Newcomb
Laura Pollard


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