CrossFit 7220 Giving Tree

Once again CrossFit 7220 has adopted families to provide Christmas gifts.  We’ve adopted 6 families this year so we have our work cut out for us!  We heard one of these kids asked for duct tape to hold his shoes together. When you are out shopping for your loved ones, please also think of these families and pick up a little something extra if you are able to. Parents of these families do not specify wants or needs, but we like to include a little something for them (gift cards are great!). Of course you can always throw in any extras for anyone on the list. 


Please wrap items and tape slip of paper with tag identifying recipient.
(example: Family #70: Girl age 7) 

Bring items to the gym (411 S. 20th) by December 10th

This year we thought we’d try an online sign-up to make it easier for all. Please click on the green “SIGN UP” link below to view the online sign up sheet. Feel free to share this link to anyone you know that may want to participate. Thank you, as always, for your generosity!

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