Grady’s Adventure

Read below about Grady’s amazing experience in China!


The Spartan Agoge 60 was the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life.  I have a new found perspective on not only what teamwork means but how one person’s selfless act of kindness, help and support can push others further than I had ever thought possible.

The day of the race I started out thinking that this would be similar to other races that I had completed.  It would be me versus everyone else in the race.  Not only did I realize that I was wrong about the race but what teamwork meant.  I had the wrong mindset of what I was getting myself into.  Throughout the Agoge I began to change my mindset and outlook from just wanting to finish the race but wanting everyone else to finish before me.  I began to realize that none of us would finish if we didn’t help each other out and come together as a team.  When I say team I not only the people within my group but everyone else at the competition.  During the 60 hours of this event we would complete many challenges as a group from filling bags of water to only have them dumped on top of us drenching all of our spare clothing, to carrying bags of corn barefoot for roughly a mile. Not to mention that all of this being done with very little sleep, and physically exhausted.


In the event there were several acts of kindness and teamwork that brought us all closer together as a team.  There are three examples that stand out most to me.  The first of these was when we had to carry someone up a mountain in a stretcher made out of Para cord and sticks.  This took teamwork and good leadership skills to complete the challenge.  One team in particular really excelled and showed how eight hard headed alpha males with different ideas could rise to the challenge.  The second event that stands out was during a team punishment where we all had to do burpees.  One of our teammates tried but couldn’t completed them and was about ready to quit and give up but to my surprise everyone on the team stepped up and helped him complete the burpees, even after we were 48 hours into the event without sleep and had done 100 of those damn things ourselves.  The third example of teamwork is that throughout the entire 60 hours people would carry other packs, sandbags or whatever they could do to help others in an effort to prevent them from having to ring the damn bell and call it quits.

I’ve learned more about myself during the 60 hours event than I have over the last 24 years of my life.  Not only have I learned how far I can push myself mentally but physically as well.  More importantly I learned the importance of teamwork and how others can help you go beyond what you ever expected possible.  I am thankful for all of the Krypteia and everyone else involved in the Agoge 03 for teaching and helping me throughout the entire event.  I am very grateful for my teammates for showing me what all you can accomplish when you are surrounded by the right people that work together and have a passion and drive to finish and never give up attitude.  No matter how hard the task or how big of a hill to climb I will never give up!


       Thinking back on all of this i truthfully believe there were two things that really pushed myself to finish. One being my team mates that pushed me to keep going even when i was at my worse. The second would be my training putting myself threw the most uncomfortable work outs I could think of. Anything from heading to CrossFit 7220 at 5 am during the week then getting off work and heading out for a run, or anything I really could think of, but when I think about it I believe that there is a certain workout that really helped me push threw and that is the Saturday Slamdowns mainly because the workouts were long and hard, and really taught me to push threw even when I didn’t think i could finish no matter how tried i was.


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