Success Stories begin from current Nutrition Challenge

Meet Shannon, a September Foundations class graduate and a great new addition to our CF7220 community. Shannon decided she’d give our Nutrition Challenge a shot. See below how she adjusted her diet to consume more protein and more overall calories, the results surprised her!
When I first started the challenge I had a difficult time eating the total amount of calories the Flex Diet Macro Counter suggested I consume. On top of that, meeting the macro percentage of protein seemed impossible (until I discovered chicken and egg whites!) At first it seemed very counter intuitive to lose weight and change my body composition by eating more, but very trustingly I maintained those macros pretty faithfully. Furthermore, I have been transforming my eating habits as I learn more about what my body needs as I exercise (thanks Gretchen and Mike), and getting in that five to seven hours of exercise per week. There have definitely been days of absolute failure…like when you taste those cream cheese wontons and just can’t stop eating them! But the next morning, I wake up and get back on the boat without trying to compensate for my overconsumption. In the last four+ weeks of the Nutrition Challenge I have lost 12 pounds, and am excitedly awaiting the results of the Dexascan! I haven’t seen the scale dip below 140 lbs. in over 20 years! Currently, I’m thinking about increasing my calorie intake – who’d have thought…shannon0310
 Thanks for sharing, Shannon! Keep up the great work!
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