Ed’s 6 week experience…

Ed Paradis is one of our super senior athletes! He and his wife participated in last year’s challenge and loved their results. Read Ed’s comments below:


The part of the orientation that surprised me the most was when you said fitness was 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. I would never have thought that in the past. After the six weeks, I’m a firm believer and telling others.


For the fitness challenge my goal was to decease my middle by reducing fat and adding muscle. This was accomplished as my weight reduced only 2% while the android fat went down 17% and the fat free mass increased by 2.3%. In the circumference measurements, while the chest increased by only .5%, the waist decreased by 4.5% and the thigh increased by almost 3%. All changes were in the direction I was hoping for.


Performance in the gym changed modestly. I can’t find my results, but the number of burpees increased as did the weight lifted.

Energy wise I felt more energetic after we started the protein supplements. I didn’t realize my diet was deficient in protein until I started recording in the myfitnesspal web site. I think the same is true for mental/psychological changes. Starting in about the second week, I felt more content with myself.


As you can tell, I enjoyed the nutrition changes and have implemented most of the changes into my every day diet. I plan to continue even realizing the holidays will present new situations and require new resolve.

Again thanks,

Thanks, Ed, for proving that it’s never too late to make positive changes! 

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