IT’S COMING!!!! Nutrition Challenge #6!

Has your diet gotten out of control?
Did you enjoy a few too many summer BBQ’s?

Or maybe you just need to refocus and clean up your intake a bit?

No matter who you are or how well you eat, there are always improvements that can be made.
Time to quit putting it off…


The results from past 5 challenges have been remarkable.  Collectively, more than 1,000 pounds of body fat have been lost.  We’ve seen dramatic fat loss while gaining muscle mass and improved fitness.  Here is a rundown of how it works:

1.  The challenge begins by establishing a baseline via a body composition analysis with our partners at the University of Wyoming Department of Kinesiology.

2.  We have seen great results in the past where challengers follow a simple plan of balancing macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat).  Sounds complicated?  It’s not. We will help every step of the way.

3.  The challenge will end on November 13th and conclude with a final body composition analysis at UW.  Winners will be honored (and rewarded) at a post-challenge party.

Entry fee is $50.  This includes the two body composition tests at UW and all the consultation, help and encouragement you need for the six week challenge.


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