Your character comes out in your fitness

Whether you’ll let yourself take a break, make an excuse – or rise to the challenge in front of you. At the end of the day, who knows if you skip a rep or call a crappy rep a good one?…the only person that matters…YOU.


Your workout is a chance to check in on yourself and evaluate your character. Like it or not, who we are is intimately tied to all that we do (including our workouts). When we remove our self-character standards from our workouts, we create a disharmony & we lose an opportunity to further prove & cement our standards to ourselves.

How silly it is to skip over basic training drills because you’re bored or you want to get to the good stuff. Basics build the foundation. Being disciplined to do it the right way by building out your genetic potential from the ground up says so much about your character & commitment.


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