Athlete Double Take

We are inspired daily by people who come through our door and consistently work hard trying new things regardless of their experience, age, or abilities.

One of these individuals is 73 year-old Tim Rush who found CrossFit one year ago, signed up for the 2016 Open and completed all 5 workouts.

Thank you, Dr. Rush, for sharing your story with all of us!


The quality of my life has improved since I became active with Crossfit 7220.


All my life I have been surrounded by people who care — about themselves, about the environment, about each other, and about me.   Last summer a couple of these people, Ed Paradis and Mike Day, told me about Crossfit 7220 and invited me to join them in their Tuesday/Thursday morning “Seniors”  workouts.  It makes life better, they claimed.  I couldn’t say no to friends of more than 30 years.

Their invite was timely.  In recent years I had begun to worry that my physical and mental abilities were fading.  Awareness, balance, coordination, endurance, strength were slipping away.  I was getting old.  This seemed natural for a man in his mid-seventies, so I had resigned myself to this fate.


It turns out that Crossfit is just what they said it would be — life changing.  And it is FUN!  It is a social experience that has improved the quality of my life in subtle and observable ways.  Enjoyment, results, and coach/athlete/friends (who also care) have kept me involved and looking forward to every workout with strangers who quickly become friends.   Through our shared Crossfit 7220 efforts we’ve come to share life’s joys and sorrows.

Effects on quality of my life are real.  Gradual improvements that matter result from the diverse activities (flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, speed, etc.) that Crossfitters learn.   When I began coming to Crossfit 7220 in July 2015,  I had to use my elbows and hands to rise, grunting and groaning, from arm chairs and my 350Z roadster.  I was one of those old guys in the TV commercial, using a red-handled lever to pry myself from the driver’s seat!  By September, I found myself able to put my feet on the pavement and simply stand up.  “Look Ma, no hands!”

Simple acts like turning to look over right shoulder in backing my car were so painful that I had begun using mirrors only.  No, more – I crane my neck without trouble.  Likewise, the acts of checking traffic over my left shoulder while on my bicycle or hopping up to my old war pony, Tio’s, saddle have become as easy and automatic for me as they were 30 years ago.

Before last summer and Crossfit 7220, Age meant “growing old.”  Since then, Age has come to mean “improvement over time.”


I will stay with Crossfit 7220 because of the work, the mentoring, the encouraging support from the people — coaches and friend/athletes – and the results that improve my life.

Oh, yes, and it is a fine thing for a man in his seventy-fourth year to hear people say, “Man you look great!”


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