Jennifer’s Journey

A lot has changed in a year for one of the most positive, hard working, inspiring athletes at 7220!  Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

I have never been an athletic person. The most athletic I have ever been, was keeping the bench warm in high school sports.  In fact, I bet most of my teammates would not have even remembered I was on the team.  I am one of those habitual dieters that is always giving the latest diet/exercise craze a try, I even made some extremely unhealthy choices in my early 20’s; all with little to no success.


When I heard about CrossFit for the first time I brushed it off as another “fad”.  But I kept hearing about it…eventually I got curious and looked into it a bit more…..when I saw what the athletes do; I said “no way, could I ever do that stuff!”  So I put it off again for some time, then at work, as a part of a fitness drive they raffled off a free foundations class and I thought “what do I have to loose, it’s free”.  Turns out I won!  At that point I had no more excuses.  I gave myself 30 days and pep talked myself every step of the way.  My stomach turned every day I pulled up to the gym.  For me personally it was not love right away, in fact it was a struggle to walk through those doors every day and sometimes it  still is, but I show up to finish, no matter how much I scale or how long it takes me to get the job done. I am proud to say I have not quit on a WOD yet!  The greatest thing about CrossFit is no matter your athletic level, EVERYTHING can be scaled to accommodate your current abilities and gain strength to complete the correct movement in the future.


Along the way I have picked up on little mantras that have stuck with me, and I repeat daily “I’m at the gym because I don’t want to be here” and “CrossFit the only place where the loudest cheers are for the last one” (Hahaha I get a lot of cheers!).  “If you hate starting over, don’t give up”.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned from CrossFit is there is no substitute for a healthy diet.  CrossFit has helped me put both exercising and diet together to achieve honest results and something I can be proud of.  Integrating a paleo flex diet at home can sometimes be a struggle, but I make small improvements daily and have learned different ways to approach recipes that work for both myself and my family.

I quickly developed amazing friendships and respect for the other people at the gym.  The athletes and trainers in the gym are the most amazing people; without them I never would have made it this far.  Having little support outside the gym, they mean the world to me and that’s what keeps me there, no matter what. I owe so much of my success thus far to the athletes and trainers at 7220……they have always made me feel welcome, always pushed me, and always make me feel proud of what I have accomplished.  I am honored to be a part of such a great gym!


Going on my first year, I love to look back and see where I was, but even more I love to look forward to the future and how much I still have to achieve, after all “the greatest thing I have ever done was to simply believe in myself.”  The good news is it is not over yet…

Jennifer Newcomb

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