Wall Balls with your eyes closed?

From Alex Maclin, Barbell Shrugged

Many times people fail to hit their goals because they don’t EVER keep scoreWhat do I mean by keeping score? I mean that if you want any shot of reaching a goal, you have to have some kind of measurable, objective feedback on your progression towards your goal


Goals are a dime a dozen. Setting goals is easy. You can set goals all day (realistic ones even) and NEVER reach them. Especially if you never keep score by measuring your progress. Without any measurement, there’s no way to know what kind of progress you’re making towards your goal plus you’ll have no idea how to correct and adjust what you’re doing to get you back on track

It’s exactly like trying to shoot a target or do wall-balls with your eyes closed. Maybe you get lucky and hit the mark but luck ain’t too reliable. Most likely you’ll keep trying for the target and miss. Over and over again. 

Why don’t we keep score? We’re afraid to. It stings and hurts when we realize we aren’t doing the things we need to do to make progress. We don’t want that reminder of reality. We’d rather stay in dream land to preserve our precious self-esteem. 

Well you know what…

Get over that mess and harden up. Realizing you’re not where you want to be can suck but what sucks worse is this consistent cycle of set goal, fail. Rinse. Repeat.

So if you want to successfully reach your goals, you best make sure you’re keeping score by consistently measuring your progress and/or performance.


There are other factors necessary for success, but if you struggle with reaching your goals and change your goals like you change your underwear as a result, you may be making some serious goal setting mistakes like the one I just mentioned.

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