Wheel Week!

This week we’ll work on progressing into wheel


AKA: full bridge, backbend, upward bow, Chakrasana

We spend more and more of our time hunched over a desk, slouched in front of a TV screen, or bent double in a half-sized economy class seat. Live for too long in that position, and over the course of months and years your body stiffens up and remains that way. The natural counter to constant forward flexion is to bend in the opposite direction. Be cautious when trying this position for the first time and be sure to work through the progressions first.  Done properly, wheel is a great health-promoting exercise as well as a great method to mobilize the wrist, forearms, shoulders, spine, hips and thighs.


Eventually you may get here….


But most of us need to start with some less intense positions:


ICP Fulltime Student Career Day, Wednesday, June 29, 2005. Credit: ©Barry Stone 2005

apo2 apo3



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