Sneak peek of February Challenge

Congrats to those who successfully cut out or cut back on sugar in January! The detox officially ends Tuesday! We hope you notice how much better you feel and that you’ll continue to eat a low-sugar diet and only indulge on the sweet stuff occasionally.

February brings us back to a physical challenge. Remember those 300 KBS everyday last February?


This February will look (and feel) much different!

February will be Mobility Month!


At CF 7220 we’ve always made mobility a priority through our movement prep exercises in warm-up and our post-WOD cool down stretches. You’ve probably noticed even more of an emphasis recently with our new Saturday yoga class and our trials of RomWOD in some classes.

Mobility in and of itself is a measure of fitness. Limited mobility can negatively affect other aspects of fitness and cause us to be more susceptible to injury.

What are some other reasons we should include mobility work in our daily routine?


  • aides in recovery after workouts
  • improves posture
  • improves body awareness
  • reduces soreness
  • reduces physical and mental stress

It is never too late to start mobility training. Your mobility is always something you can improve. In terms of results, this will initially be something you feel rather than see, but the key is to be consistent with your mobility training. Over time you should see an increase in your range of motion and improvement in your performance in other activities.

We’ll focus on a different body part each week. You can modify and add stretches to accommodate your needs.

Some tips to make these exercises most effective:

  • take your time
  • focus on your breathing
  • be consistent
  • avoid pain but be willing to endure some discomfort
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