SUGAR WITHDRAWAL?….you are not alone!



  • low energy             ab
  • headaches             ab3
  • depression/anxiety            ab5
  • cravings                ab1
  • flu-like symptoms    ab4

 If you do NOT experience any of these symptoms within the first few days of cutting out sugar, it may be due to one of the following:

  • Your diet was already very low sugar so cutting it out completely was not such a shock to the body. CONGRATS!
  • You are still consuming too many simple or high glycemic carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta that are quickly absorbed by the body and converted to sugar.
  •  Alcohol is a sugar too. If you are merely cutting out sweets or sugar in your coffee, but continue to drink alcohol or eat packaged foods you may not experience sugar withdrawal.

From a psychological standpoint,  decreasing sugar and overall food intake can dramatically affect mood stability. Sugar withdrawal can be a very real and painful process. Like any addiction, one can experience a general sense of loss when the addictive substance is not used.

Most people find that physical cravings for sugar will end within three to four weeks after complete sugar withdrawal. Emotional symptoms may linger beyond this point. This is especially the case when the initial cause for dependence remains unaddressed.

The good news is
Hang in there

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