2nd Annual CF 7220 BOX DETOX!

Ok folks, the holidays are officially over and it’s time to clean up your diet and get serious in the gym! If you indulged on the sweets a little too much in the last month, you are not alone. Join your fellow CrossFit 7220 athletes in a 30-day SUGAR DETOX!


This is not the Whole30 and there are no specified “rules” that everyone must follow. Our suggestion is for 30 days to eat no sugar or sugar substitutes. Remember all carbohydrates are “sugars” and our body needs them. What we are trying to avoid is the added sugars– so you will need to read labels. A bag of frozen fruit will contain some grams of sugar in the the nutrient breakdown but these are sugars that naturally exist in fruits.


While we don’t want our entire diet to consist of grapes and and raspberries, a little bit of fruit is ok and it might help satisfy your sweet tooth especially during the first week of the detox. A bowl of Captain Crunch Berries, however, contains the added sugars we are trying to avoid.


Michelle Madden, The Sweet Beet:

By cutting way back on added sugar (even healthier, natural sugars) you not only start to crave it less, you start to detect “sweet” in hidden corners of non-sugar added foods. The problem with simply substituting one added sugar for another (agave for table sugar say, or artificial sweeteners in place of caloric sugars) is it still keeps the sugar bar high, never allowing our taste buds to recalibrate and get the same sensation of sweet with far less sugar.

The other powerful trick is to distract the taste buds with another flavor so they’re less focused on the absence of sugar. Cinnamon in plain oatmeal or nutmeg in low-sugar muffins can give the mouth the impression of sugar even in its absence. Other foods to combat sugar cravings: vanilla powder, coconut flakes (unsweetened), coconut oil, applesauce, berries, roasted vegetables, almond milk, cooked onion/garlic, avocado.


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