Reasons to stop eating sugar

Read this if you need some motivation to commit yourself to the sugar detox which starts on January 4th.

In a 2007 study by James Cook University, researchers discovered cocaine-addicted mice actually preferred sugar-water as a reward over cocaine. This intense euphoria from sugar consumption can be a powerful driving factor in us reaching for it often and obsessively.

We once thought fat made us fat. Turns out, sugar is the culprit. An abundance of sugar puts the liver into overdrive — it works frantically to re-balance your system — quickly storing sugar as fat so your blood sugar and insulin rates can stabilize. By not consuming sugar often, your body will brilliantly balance itself out. By eating sugar every day, at every meal, your body over time will end up with an excess of belly fat (yuck).

You already know about sugar crashes (we have all seen them in our kids!), but there may be another reason sugar is making you tired. A recent study by the CDC discovered that an increased consumption of added sugars has been linked to a decrease in intake of essential micronutrients. In other words, when you fill up on sugar, you’re less likely to eat the nutrients your body really needs, causing your body to shut down.

Scientists have long noted sugar molecules are present in high numbers near cancer cells. A 2013 study by the University of Copenhagen shows that sugar actually aids the growth of malignant cells.

Are you one of those people that always seems to be sick? Sugar may be making illness more common. Sugar can actually suppress your immune system, causing your body to get common sicknesses more often. (Who knew that sugar could be responsible for how many times my family has been sick this winter?)

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