Scrap the Step-Ups!

Although step-ups are a great exercise to strengthen legs and (yes, make you tired!), if you are always subbing out box jumps for step-ups you are missing out on the potential to improve your explosive power which will translate to more than just box jumps.

by Ryan Moody  WOD Talk Magazine


Leap and Bound your way to new PR’s”

“Seriously what’s the big deal about jumping?”, “Why Jump?”, or “How will jumping help me progress in CrossFit?” These are examples of some of the questions that I receive on a daily basis and at my Explosive Seminars. You may recognize my name from a World Record Box Jump video in the CrossFit Journal back in 2010 called; “56 Inches to Fame”. Since then I have found a HUGE link between jumping [Explosive Training] and constant improvement in my ability to perform in CrossFit “across broad time and modal domains”. Let’s just say that there is a lot more behind what you see in some of my “jump videos”, and that key ingredient of jumping or [Explosive Training] coupled with CrossFit is one amazing PR producing machine!


“It’s not so much about jumping as it is about how explosive one can be from their hips!”

I laugh when people give me a hard time about “jumping on boxes for a living”, for reasons other than the obvious. What the individual doesn’t realize is how this modality of training [Explosive Training] has proved time and time again that it can take people to new heights and by new heights I don’t mean simply by improving their box jump. [That’s a given]. Over the past 2 years I have developed a program that will not only improve an individual’s ability to jump, but also help them to run faster and lift heavier.

In other words; it will improve the overall potential of the participant.

“It’s science, and it’s logic, there is no fancy crap, or [sexy moves] required.”

Look at it this way; in physics

Power = (Force x Distance) / Time

It’s important to note that the max amount of power produced, for example: in a jumping movement, is dependent upon the length of the amortization phase of the stretch-shortening cycle. Amortization is the transition period from stretching to contracting at the beginning of the concentric muscle action. The quicker or “shorter” this phase becomes, the more powerful the result intended for that muscular contraction.


In other words….go into a 1/4 air squat and hold for
up to 5 seconds —> then perform a box jump. This pause increases or lengthens the amortization phase. Now, perform a regular box jump with no pause at the bottom…this technique shortens the amortization phase and allows you to perform the movement explosively

In other words: a.k.a. “Logic”; If you become more explosive at the hips, you will jump higher, run faster

Obviously if you improve your technique and form you can also see gains in efficiency and performance). WhatI am saying is that if we simply become more powerful
at the hips, we in turn can move a large load a long distance quickly. Whether that is a Clean, a Snatch, a Box Jump, 100m Sprint, a Kipping Pull-up, Knees to Elbows, Push Press, Split Jerk, faster Fran time, and the list goes on. If you’re a CrossFitter then you recognize these movements and how Explosive training applies to you. Even if you’re not a CrossFitter and you simply want to be more functional and efficient in your daily life; then training your “powerhouse” [pelvic unit] will help.

“I’m not asking you to shake a weight to improve musculature, I’m asking you to shake the hips your momma gave ya to improve overall performance.”

Read full article in WODTalk Magazine HERE

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