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another Nutrition Challenge



I wanted to share my nutrition challenge story because it’s made such an impact on me and I am so excited about the results. CF7220 has an amazing program and I love that you care enough about the big picture to put on something like this. Here goes

Let me just start by saying it was hard. I hate (HATE!) logging my food.


It’s tedious and starts out being really time consuming… but it works. It does get easier as you load recipes and I eat mostly the same things on a fairly regular basis, so 8 weeks later, it’s not bad.  It was also hard because there is always junk food in my house (my family refuses to let it go, but I’m working on that) so I have to say no to myself EVERY time I open the dang cupboard. That’s getting easier, too, though.


Measuring macronutrients is a new approach for me. I had an idea of nutrition that I needed protein, vegetables, etc., but even the Zone Diet didn’t come together for me like the Flex Diet does. (I hesitate to even label it a ‘diet’ because I am anti-fad diets, and I don’t think this should be assimilated with them. It’s a sustainable change anyone can make!)


The protein was difficult at first. I found myself choking down jerky just to get my protein in, but I eventually found balance. I have to bring my snacks and lunch with me to work on a pretty regular basis, so that helped me eat healthy and stay on track, because I had to eat what I packed. I never gave myself the option of ordering a sandwich or buying something from the gas station for a snack. However, Flex gives you wiggle room if you do go to a restaurant, which is fantastic. I also try to make a large portion of chicken or pork tenderloin over the weekend so I have plenty of leftovers during the week for easy protein.

As I’ve had to recalculate my macros, the protein is easier, but getting enough fat and not too many carbs is harder. I’ve found that my body’s happier with a little more carbs, especially before a WOD, so I’ve just increased my daily allowance for that a bit. But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? It’s FLEXIBLE.


Me being healthier is success in and of itself. Losing two pants sizes and nearly 6% body fat is icing on the proverbial cake. My lean mass also increased 1091 grams which is awesome! I have so much energy and I feel fantastic! I took a week off after the challenge and a few days in, I was so tired and lethargic. Halfway through Monday, eating better again, I felt amazing. So it works. It’s something I can stick with for a lifetime and never quit. And, quite actually, for the first time in my life, I feel good about my body. Even better yet, between CrossFit and eating healthy, I know I’ll be around for my son for a long time, which has been the driving force behind all of this for me.


I refuse to let age get the best of me, and I feel eating healthy and exercising will keep me healthy and strong forever. Assuming I live that long.


Thanks again!

Amanda Robertson

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