Nutrition Challenge extends beyond the box…

Peggy Cooney is a member of the community who participated in the Nutrition Challenge with her husband, Ed, who is one of our senior athletes….

Even though I go to Half Acre and not the Senior Crossfit, I participated fully in the nutrition challenge.  The pre and post measurements and dex scan helped to prove my sense that the six weeks was amazing.  I lost body fat (my goal was around the middle and sure enough, my clothes fit much better and I lost more than an inch there) in all three categories, and gained muscle mass.

My work twice a week on strength machines seemed slightly easier but I noticed the most change when I swam once at the rec center just at the end of the challenge and felt a lot stronger during the 30 minutes of freestyle.  As we got started in the challenge, we noticed that we did not meet the protein requirement using the formula you provided so started using the Gold Standard Whey, vanilla.

 I can literally feel my body grab and absorb the smoothie I make each day after workout (gym or tennis)!  We worked hard to find foods with lots of protein too so changed our eating in that manner.  My energy level no longer collapses after workout; I feel pretty good.

I no longer grab for snacks at any and all times of the day; my eating is intentional.  We also found foods with little or no salt added and successfully tackled the issue of too much sodium. So I feel better overall and no longer have the little digestive discomfort after eating that I used to get at times.  I was very happy that I met my daily requirements without having to give up the glass of white wine ritual before dinner that I dearly love 😊.

Thanks for all your help on this challenge!


Cheers Peggy! Thanks for sharing!

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