Rockin’ the Holidays with Hollow Rocks

you’ve heard us say before that a strong core is the foundation for every functional movement…

December 1st:
30 unbroken hollow rocks*
*use scales shown in 2nd video below in order to complete 30 unbroken rocks
(trainers can also help you with progressions/scales)

Add 1 hollow rock each day
except on Christmas Day: (you’re welcome)
by December 31st you’ll complete
60 unbroken hollow rocks!
You can use any scales or progressions needed throughout the month to maintain good positioning through the movement
(see video 1 below)


Click HERE to watch a video and make sure you understand and can perform correct mechanics for a hollow hold

 Click HERE for a video on the hollow rock also shows scales: one knee bent, 2 knees bent, arms down, etc.


(above is the least difficult position for a hollow rock)
This can be progressed in difficulty by extending one leg, both legs, and arms overhead.
This should be a challenge EVERYONE can do anywhere this month whether you’re traveling, studying for finals, or wrapping Christmas gifts. Take a break and ROCK!


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