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WOW!  This challenge was so very beneficial for me!  I completed Foundations class in February of 2014 and have been a regular at the box.  Before this challenge, I felt like I was at a bit of a standstill with my fitness journey, little did I know how valuable the nutrition challenge was going to be for me.  Completing the challenge was eye opening in so many different aspects of my new fitness venture!  In addition to my overall measurements looking better, faster; I was astonished at how both my performance in the gym and mood changed.  It was amazing to me how differently I felt and preformed when my nutrition was dialed in, but more importantly I would really notice when I had a not so dialed in day. I was able to take recommendation from fellow crossfitters of what they do/did and applied it to myself to see what worked better for me and what would yield the best results; carbs before the workout, or after?  I was so pleased with the results I was seeing overall, despite a couple of setbacks.


This was the first “diet” that I feel has been extremely successful and most importantly; sustainable! I have tried the whole30 twice before, but was unsuccessful.  For me, I feel this diet worked so much better because I did not have quite the prep work and restrictions the whole30 requires.  As a full time working mom, the reality is we are busy and this tends to be a big hurtle many of us face.  I was also able to use more of the foods and recipes that my family will eat, with or without slight alterations which made it easier for me to stick with.  Tracking my food daily allowed me to not only eat healthy but to achieve balance with the foods I was eating, again another eye opening experience.  I will for sure stick with the flex way of eating because the results can’t be beat!  For me, the flex diet proved extremely beneficial and sustainable. I can’t wait to see how far it will follow me on my fitness journey.

Below is a link I used often and made almost every recipe, the tuna on rice cakes is one of my favorites and so quick and easy!


Keep up the great work, Jennifer!

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