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Jill Rettinger proves that even the leanest, strongest athletes can find ways to improve their diet. Read about her experience below…

This is the 3rd Nutrition Challenge that I have participated in and it was, BY FAR, the most successful for me.  I went into this challenge not needing to lose a lot of weight, but I wanted to feel better and feel/look more lean.  I was more concerned about body composition.  I started with a weight of 149# and a body fat of 14%.  Six weeks later I am now 143# and 10.9% body fat.  In addition, I lost a few inches around my waist.  So for me, this was a successful challenge.


I was curious how this would affect my gym performance.  As a whole, it has improved.  I have had a few poor WOD’s where I just felt awful and out of whack, but there are some factors that I need to take into consideration.  I am doing a pretty strenuous squat program that I started mid-way through the challenge which has been pretty taxing on my body and I am still trying to tweak my diet in terms of how many carbs I need to be eating to achieve my best athletic performance.


During the challenge, I found myself undereating carbs by 60-70 grams/day and I think this has affected my strength a bit.


Overall, I have felt great mentally, psychologically, and physically.

In the past, I have dabbled with the Zone and Paleo, but the Flex Diet has been the easiest for me to follow.  I loved having daily numbers that I had to attain and for the most part, I was pretty strict with these numbers.  I won’t lie…chocolate cake made an appearance for a few days, but I tried to just not overdo it.


With the Zone, I never worried about calories and I got into the habit of eating too many nuts and nut butters and I didn’t like having to weigh everything.  And, everyone would tell me to eat more protein.  I thought I was eating enough, but I soon learned that I was not even close.   My Fitness Pal became my best friend.  What a great resource tool to track your daily numbers.  I have never been good, in the past, at logging my daily food intake, but I committed to doing this for this challenge.  Plus, I would get the little encouragement prompts that told me that I had successfully logged X amount of days in a row.  This was enough to keep my plugging along.


One thing that I found helpful was inputting all of the food that I was going to be eating for that day, first thing in the morning.  This way, I knew if I could add anything else fun to fill out my calories.  This balanced me out, rather than only having 100 calories left at the end of the day for dinner.

I’m a creature of habit and ended up eating many of the same things day after day.  I had a few recipes in my rotation, but preparation was the key for me.  I kept my refrigerator full at work with healthy choices for lunch/snacks and always had to have 1 or 2 protein drinks/day.  My husband doesn’t eat this way.  So, I would make him dinner each night and I would have to adjust mine a little.  We always had some kind of protein, but instead of having a lot of potatoes, rice, carbs, I would substitute a lot with spaghetti squash and veggies.  I learned to really love veggies.  Add a little salsa, hummus, or guacamole and they are all delish.

I believe that the Flex Diet is a totally sustainable way of eating.  I am still following this and plan to keep doing so. After the challenge, of course I congratulated myself with 2 yummy donuts (my weakness…get over it)


 but I have gone right back to logging and watching what I eat.  I encourage everyone to try this way of life if they are looking to get results.

Thanks for sharing, Jill!

We want to hear about your experience, too!

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