Nutrition Challenge Success Story!


Meet Jessica Markham! A dedicated “5:00 AMer” and now an eating expert! Read about her experience and get some great tips as well!apo

I was very happy with my results of the 6 week flexible dieting challenge. I kept to the program, tracked everything I ate and strived to eat balanced meals every day. This resulted in my family trying multiple new recipes and that helped keep our challenge interesting, as we knew there would be multiple new meals to try each week. Throughout the course of the challenge, I became a big fan of Total Fage 0% Greek yogurt and would eat it daily.


I changed it up every day by either adding in frozen strawberries, raspberries, a drop of vanilla extract or a couple tablespoons of granola. I also loved using PB2 in my yogurt and making myself a delicious peanut butter dip for my apples.


I also consumed massive amounts of chicken and black beans! I have a newfound love for spicy black bean burgers and eat them multiple times a week.


By sticking to the program and tracking all of my food, I had tons of energy and have never felt better. I could feel the weight leaving my body and I remained consistent in my workouts at the gym and even changed it up from time to time, by attending Zumba class.


Yes, I love to dance. I could tell I was getting stronger in the WODs, however, because I found myself lifting higher weights I was experiencing a greater level of endurance to keep up with my peers. I adore my 5am workout buddies, and I aspire to be just as strong as they are, they amaze me every day.

I have tried a variety of “diets” in the past and have found the flexible diet to be the most effective and enjoyable way of eating to suit my lifestyle. I did attempt the Whole 30 earlier this year and made it a whole 17 and a half days, but I felt it was too restrictive and it was not for me. I plan to continue following the flexible diet lifestyle, and I have no qualms in tracking all of my food, as I have been tracking my food for a few years now. I enjoy planning out the next day each evening and it has made my mornings easy, because I already have the days meals planned out.

This challenge was a huge success for me in that I lost over 13 pounds and decreased my body fat percentage, taking it from 32.9% to 25.6%! I lost nearly 6 inches of my waistline. It’s been very exciting and I can’t wait to see what my body is capable of in the future. I wouldn’t have experienced this level of success, had it not been for my husband, coworkers and friends cheering me on and so patiently listening to me when I rambled on about how awesome this challenge was. And, thanks to my 4 year old daughter for not allowing me to eat her Halloween candy.



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