Now what?

The Nutrition Challenge has officially come to an end but we hope it’s only the beginning of a lifetime of better eating. If you’ve been tracking your intake for 6 weeks and being somewhat strict about your diet you’ve probably already been indulging a bit. The Flexible Dieting concept actually allows for those occasional treats and we should be able to adjust our diets to allow room for our favorite foods once in awhile even when they aren’t the most nutritious choices.


Some of you may find that you are now a My Fitness Pal expert and want to continue using it daily so there is no guesswork in your food choices. Others may want to take a break from entering every morsel of food. Hopefully by journaling for 6 weeks, you’ve developed a sense of how to manage your daily macronutrient intake so you’ll intuitively know each day if you are low on protein or high on fat, etc. and can make adjustments accordingly. If and when you feel yourself slipping back into old habits, go back to logging for a few days to get back on track.


Don’t forget, if your weight changed, you’ll need to recalculate your overall calorie and macronutrient requirements. And keep in mind those numbers may need further adjusting  based on your activity level and your body’s response to the amounts you’re eating.

So remember nutrition is a lifelong journey! Keep trying new foods, new combinations and find what works best for your lifestyle and your body. Don’t obsess about your diet, but don’t forget about it either!


The trainers at CrossFit 7220 are always willing to answer questions and work with you to help fine tune your nutrition!

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