The board is up, time to post!

We hope you have had a great start to the Nutrition Challenge this week.  It takes some time and experimenting to get the hang of the Flex Diet so we hope it’s all starting to feel a little more “normal”.


Over the next couple days, we’d like you to post your results for the first week of the Challenge.  We have created a big board and it’s now hanging at CrossFit 7220 just waiting for your update.

Here is an example showing how to post:

Note that you will first post the results of the initial workout, if you completed it. Next, write down the number of days you have journaled your food intake (up to 7), either on paper or in MyFitnessPal.  Then note the number of workouts you did during the week (up to 5) and the number of days you hit your macros (up to 7). Total your score and enter it in the Weekly Total column.

If you scored 15 or above, you will get a sticker but more importantly, you had a very successful Week 1!

Keep up the good work and please email with any questions,

– Your CrossFit 7220 Nutrition Challenge Team

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