What is Flex Dieting?


Flexible Dieting isn’t a diet.
It is the assessment of the caloric needs of an individual and partitioning those calories into an appropriate range of macronutrients in order to realize the individual’s goals by optimizing the body for improving body composition and performance and generally improve medically recognized markers of health.
Diets end. But eating is the one thing you will do besides breathing you will do for the rest of your life. How long can you really go without a bite of cake, or a candy bar, or a doughnut, a piece of pizza, an ice cream cone, a bowl of cereal? More importantly, why would you want to resist in perpetuity? To what end? Why would you want to develop orthorexia or a generally unhealthy relationship with food? Food is supposed to make you survive and thrive and bring you joyous experiences.

Food can only kill you if you let it. Flexible Dieting is a way to eat for life that allows for living. So go out there and live.

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