Wendler’s tips for the press

  • Most lifters like taking a grip just outside the shoulders. I grip about an inch and a half outside the knurling of a power bar – which puts my grip about thumb’s length from the smooth part of the bar. This will ensure shoulder safety and stability.apo

    •   I begin the press by lifting my chin up, and I try to just miss it when the bar goes up. I don’t want the bar bowing out any more than it has to.
    •   As the bar is pressed overhead, bring your head and chest through. Don’t push the bar back.
    • Bring the bar back down in the same motion.
    •   Each rep should start with the bar on your shoulders. Don’t perform half reps. Your body was designed to move through a full range of motion, so do it.
  •  Keep your lower back arched and your chest up throughout the entire lift.
  •  The positioning of your feet is determined by your comfort level. I take a narrow (less than shoulder width) stance, but this isn’t a requirement.
  •  You don’t use leg drive to push the bar overhead, but try to keep your legs strong and taut through the entire movement.
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