7220 August Challenge

It’s quite simple and certainly less painful than holding a plank for 5 minutes!

Just record everything you consume all month.

Our favorite app to use:



It is a free app and has a huge database of foods including restaurant items and the capability to scan bar codes off of packaged foods. You can also enter in or create your own recipes to access anytime.

Unlike the plank, logging your food each meal will get easier and faster as the days go by.   MyFitnessPal remembers the foods and exercises you like most and makes it easy for you to add those items to your diary.  You can also copy meals from previous days. In just a few days, logging can be as fast as 30 seconds.

It has other great features such as macronutrient breakdown that we’ll use this fall for the Nutrition Challenge.

By the end of August you’ll be a food journaling pro and have a head start for the October Challenge!

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