Did you forget to plank?


If you missed a day that is no excuse to quit!

Let’s say you planked Friday for 2:35 and your 4th of July fun didn’t include planking.

You can’t jump to 2:45 on Sunday because you never completed 2:40

Here are your options…..

Sunday plank for 2:40, Monday 2:45, etc.

If you really want to stay on track to add 5 seconds everyday then you need to plank for 2:40 on Sunday, then 2:45 later on Sunday so you are on track to do 2:50 on Monday.


If you never started at all- it’s not too late! Start July 6th and go until August 6th.

Here are some TIPS to make it easier:

Encourage your whole family to do it together and hold each other accountable

Set a reminder on your phone

Play music

Set a good book or magazine article on the floor to read while you plank


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