July Challenge!

Since you vegged out in June…


Time for another physical challenge in July that will be sure to spark some core strength!



Day one: max effort or 3 minute front plank

(i.e. hold a front plank as long as possible, stop at 3 minutes if you haven’t already)

keep shoulders over hands and knees off the floor

Do NOT let hips rise into down dog


Do NOT lower in to up dog position


if any of the above occur,

you have broken plank and the time stops

Good Plank:


this position is also totally acceptable (and awesome)


Day 2: add 5 seconds to day one

Day 3: add 5 seconds to day two

Day 4: add 5 seconds to day three

and so on…..

If you fail to add 5 seconds, try to match the prior day’s time then try adding 5 seconds again the next day


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