1st place in her weight class!

6 state records!!

Qualified for Nationals and Worlds!

Deadlift PR: 308 lbs!


Nila competing back at the 2013 WYAC, before she fully knew her own strength!

Many thanks from Nila:
Don Robbins: my Oly lifting coach who swooped in like superman to coach me and run interference. I am indebted to him for his advice, skill, and belief in me!
Doug Kenik: who originally programmed the squat cycles that allowed me to realize I might have some talent….and for checking squat depth!
Jeff Selden: for his unending advice, listening, support, spotting benches….and checking squat depth!
Karin Robbins: for working her body magic on me during rest at the meet
-My buddy Will at Missoula Underground Strength who helped me with my bench
-My mom, Clare E Anderson for my height and broad shoulders, and to my dad for my tree-trunk legs

-All of my friends from Crossfit 7220 who came out to support me!

Thanks everyone!

WAY TO GO NILA!!!!! webNila9516b

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