It’s Wendler “De-load” week

What the Heck is a Deload? 

Plain and simple, a deload is a short planned period of recovery. You take your training slightly lighter, maybe workout a little less, and generally just ease things back. A typical deload will last a week.


deloading, deload, how to deload, what is a deload, strength trainingTo the uninitiated outsider, deloads seem like a waste of time, or an excuse to sit on your butt for a week, watching TV instead of hitting the gym and shifting some heavy lumps of iron.


Not so fast.

What if deloads could actually be just what your workouts need? The secret ingredient to take your training from good to awesome. Feeling banged up, demotivated, or stuck in a training plateauAdding a deload will do you the world of good and propel you on to greater gym gains.

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