CrossFit for Ultra Endurance

Notes from ultra endurance/CrossFit athlete, Mark Matyazic:


  • I figured if I punctuated my newfound love of trail running with the intense workouts offered by CrossFit, I might have an edge.
  • After starting CrossFit, I can run a lot longer, even multiple days, and faster. I have also found that CrossFit, when managed correctly, makes the latter stages of these races a lot more tolerable and I have a stronger, sturdier body, as will you.
  • Train incorrectly and you’ll simply find yourself plagued by injury month after month as your body tries to burn the candle at both ends. You can’t be a deer and a bull at the same time, but you can be a hybrid, accentuating the prime benefits of both, or even picking and choosing the attributes you want, knowing you may have to sacrifice other components.
  • CrossFit has helped me become a better endurance athlete, and therefore better able to participate in interesting and epic events that I wouldn’t have been able to do previously.

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