Sneak Peek of the May Challenge

We’ll go back to a physical challenge for the month of May…

light it up blue_5

And it’s going to involve double unders! Wouldn’t it be nice to stop having to do 3 to 1 singles?! If you don’t have them mastered yet, we hope the extra focus in May will get you closer!

If you don’t already have your own rope, we strongly encourage you get one. Order yours now so you have it by May 1st! Find a friend or two to order with so you can save on shipping.

Many of our athletes order ropes from:


  • The handles are “one-size-fits-all” and the cables are interchangeable.
  • Sizing: You can measure the length of a rope in the gym that seems to work well for you and/or determine an ideal length by adding approximately 3 feet to your height (so if you are 5’11” you would order an 8’11” cable).
  • Cable weight: Full descriptions of each cable can be read on the website. For beginners, we recommend starting with “Buff.” Many athletes order both the Buff and Elite cables so they are ready to switch to a lighter cable once proficient with the Buff.
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