April Challenge: are YOU in?

If you’ve already said “NO WAY” we hope you’ll reconsider! Chances are, those who are most resistant to the Whole30 are those that need it the most.

No it won’t be easy, that is why it’s called a challenge. But it’s only for 30 days and we assure you at the end of those 30 days you’ll feel accomplished and healthier.


In the next couple of days be sure to read the following and get prepared:


Whether you’re brand new to the program or returning after a long break, this track will take you from contemplation to action in just eight easy steps. Take as much time as you need to explore each step before moving on to the next, but we encourage you to review each step in order—even if you’re impatient to get started. As you’ll hear over and over again, when it comes to the Whole30, planning and preparation are key!

Step One: What is the Whole30®?

Since April 2009, tens of thousands of people have successfully completed our Whole30 program with life-changing results. Learn more about our philosophy, program, and benefits, and discover how the Whole30 could change your life. Learn more…

Step Two: Read the Program

It’s time to review the specifics of the Whole30—what you should be eating, what’s off your plate for the next 30 days, and a taste of the tough love for which we are so famous. Preview the official program here on our website. Learn more…

Step Three: Commit

The first step in your Whole30 journey is officially committing to the program, and setting a firm start date. Learn more…

Step Four: Build Your Support Network

You really do get by with a little help from your friends. Join our Whole30 community, and discover the kind of support, encouragement, advice, and accountability that practically guarantees your Whole30 success. Learn more…

Step Five: Get Your House Ready

It’s a scientific(ish) fact: 78% of your Whole30 success will depend on planning and preparation. That means cleaning out your pantry, stocking your kitchen with all the healthy essentials, and planning some meals. Learn more…

Step Six: Plan For Success

At some point during your Whole30, you’re going to find yourself in a difficult situation. Creating a plan now for how you’ll handle those events can make the difference between breezing on through or falling face-first into a pizza. Learn more…

Step Seven: Toss That Scale

We’re serious about this rule. If you’ve been a slave to that little number on the scale, you’ll probably be tempted to peek during your 30 days. Toss the scale now and find your way to food freedom! Learn more…

Step Eight: Do the Whole30!

Welcome to Day One of your Whole30! From here on in, it’s all about implementing the plans you’ve created, and letting the Whole30 Daily and your support network guide and inspire your journey. Learn more…

– See more at: http://whole30.com/new/#sthash.ld0hsk4w.dpuf

Also see earlier blog posts with additional information.

If you have any questions or need more information contact: 
Mike: dorssom82070@gmail.com
Toby: tmarlatt@uwyo.edu
Nicole: nicolebleak@gmail.com

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