Not doing the No-Sugar Challenge? Are you Sure?

Click here for 144 reasons sugar can ruin your health…

Read these excerpts from different people talking about their experience giving up sugar….

“Outside of puberty, the biggest change I’ve ever had with my body’s form and shape, is 2 years ago, when I gave up sugar. Wow. Within 3 months of giving up sugar, no sweets, cookies, brownies, cakes, or carob covered raisins, my body revealed itself, all that exercise became apparent. I didn’t lose any weight but I was so much leaner looking. I needed smaller sized jeans. And I felt better. No more serious bloat. I think I was just swollen all these years from the inflammation sugar causes. Friends who hadn’t seen me for awhile were shocked at the change… for the better. So knowing what I know about sugar, why did it take me so long to kick the habit? I love sweets. “



“The bottom line: If you want to give up sugar or just eat less, you can.   You’ll hate yourself in the beginning, but if you stick it out your tastes will change. So, yeah, it was hard. That first week was killer. But after that? It got much easier. When I caved and ate dessert, it was way too sweet to even come close to finishing. I promise, it’s possible. Right now, I have no desire for sweets. Fruit is about as sweet as I can handle.”

“Giving up the white poison is awesome, and it WILL transform your relationship with food.  It’s really hard at first – and for some people, it will mean a big change in your regular diet, but it gets easier over time.  Eventually you rarely think about sugary treats at all.”

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