Athlete Double Take!

You may have seen this athlete around the box, but have you taken a second look?

The lovely Megan Peterson.
Mom, pharmacist, CrossFitter.


Megan has been nominated because time and time again, she leaves everything she has out on the floor. Her hard work and competitive nature makes her a force to be reckoned with. She and her husband started CrossFit in 2011 in Lander, Wyoming.

What goals have you accomplished since starting CrossFit?

 “I had always practiced setting clear, measurable goals and I set my first goal as a pull-up….that took me about 6 months.  Then I went down my list:  Double Under’s (that took FOREVER too), push ups, handstand pushups, losing my baby weight (Cole was 6!), handstand walks, my first ALL Rx WOD….SO many goals!  Always changing!”

If you knew someone on the fence about trying CrossFit, what would you tell them?

 “I’m always willing to share how CrossFit has changed my life for the better to anyone who wants to hear it, and a few who don’t want to hear it too!  Start with an open mind, the movements may be different than how you were taught in other gyms but listen to the coaches and embrace the difference. CrossFit can be the hardest workout you will ever do and if you want to look like a badass, you need to train like a badass.  Trust the program.”

What keeps you coming back?

 “I would say that I have met 90% of my Laramie friends through CrossFit 7220.  I have new running friends, drinking buddies and plenty of people that will lift heavy things with me!  Truth is, I would probably still go if I was with a bunch of a-holes.  I love CrossFit, I love pushing myself until I almost throw up and can’t walk or drive home.  I love that Ty doesn’t crush me everyday and we get to push each other.  I love that my kids ask me how I did in the WOD.  I love that I can walk into the gym a complete hot mess of stress and walk out calm.  I love my CrossFit 7220 family because they are my kind of crazy!”

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