8 Things You Can Do Outside the Box to Become a better CrossFitter

Click Here for good insight into those things that really do matter when trying to improve your fitness and obtain balance in your life.

Numero uno should come as no surprise.  There is no better way to address your diet than to participate in the CrossFit 7220 Nutrition Challenge! We’ve seen great and lasting outcomes with our prior challenges.

And just in case you neglect to read the fine print under #8:
A “break” is defined as a few days…. not months!

Regarding #5…….

Yoga classes are now being offered at CrossFit 7220!
Amber and Tara from Hot Power Yoga will be instructing these classes

Sundays at 9:30 AM at EAST *starts this Sunday!
& Thursdays at 11:00 AM at WEST

Soon, these classes will be on the schedule, and will require a new subscription in order to sign-up and attend.  Yoga will be one of our “specialty” classes that will be available for a small monthly fee ($10– covers all classes during the month).  Until then, we’d like to offer a few complimentary trial classes for members.

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