Get the most out of this site!

We hope you are all familiar with looking up your past WOD scores and 1 RM’s. If you are a newer member or have never looked up your profile information please read instructions below.

There are a couple of ways to access your past scores. You can click on the “Performance” tab on the top menu and find your best scores for benchmark workouts you have completed at 7220.  For “non-benchmark” WOD’s  (not on the profile list) that may have been programmed at an earlier date, you can check to see if you have a previous score. Simply click on the red, underlined WOD title and you’ll see a list of all recorded scores from every date that WOD was performed.

home pageOnce you click on the red you will also see a box in the upper left corner that contains all the past WOD’s and movements so you can scroll through, click on it and look up your score.

We are very fortunate to have this logging capability so athletes can store WOD data and assess progress. Our talented programmer, Randal Six, spends countless hours behind the scenes developing new features and making sure the site runs smoothly. The schedule, payment system, and logging are all website components that many boxes do not enjoy.

Please let a trainer know if you ever need help navigating through the system.

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