10 Questions with Nate Hoyt

1. When and Why did you start CrossFitting?
I started CrossFitting because Mike D finally wore me down.  I graduated with the very first bootcamp 2 years ago, though prior to that I dabbled just a little in the IDES basement with some of the original guys.
2. What changes have you seen in yourself since CrossFit?
No soda anymore. Thanks Nicole. But seriously, I can train (run) less but run just as fast thanks to CrossFit.  Also, my pecs are huge, which is why I never wear a shirt during a WOD.
3. What are your 2 favorite CrossFit Moves?
Bar muscle-ups (even though my technique is terrible, and I can’t do very many, and I wish I could say ring muscle-ups instead) and rope climbs.    
3. What one song would be sure get you a PR?
What? I didn’t realize music is played during the WODs.  But I like all kinds of stuff for warm-up, like the Beastie Boys, Weezer, GnR, etc.
4. Design a WOD you would be tempted to click “cancel” on:
Easy, Fran.  Thrusters are pure evil.
5. Where is the furthest  CrossFit Box from Laramie you’ve been to.
None. When I leave Laramie, I either run, climb, ski or snowmobile.  
6. Which 7220 athlete do you most want to be like?
Dorrell.  He is the Money to my Hawk (sorry, inside joke).  I also aspire to be 1/2 as tough as Mike Kmetz.  
7. What do do when you are not throwing it down at 7220?
Hang out with Linds, Sam and Romy.  Run long distances.  Climb rocks and mountains. Work too much. 
8. What is your fav Zone recipe?
What is Zone? I love Elway’s steak with crab Oscar on top.  And Linds’ green chili.  And breakfast burritos. And lots of beer. 

9. What was the last road race you competed in? Distance? What place did you finish in?
I don’t run on roads anymore.  My last trail race was the BigHorn 50K in June.  It was 32 miles, and less fun than I anticipated.  I finished 14th overall.
10. How has CrossFit changed your running training and performance? 
I run fewer days and miles during traininig, but am running faster races than ever before.  The last 2 years, I have set PRs at a couple of the local trail races, Jelm and Silent Trails, with less running (though I find myself pushing myself much harder during training runs that I used to).  Thanks Mike D!

(No pressure, Nate, but we expect a sub-5:00 mile on Thursday)

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