Oly Competition!


Thanks to all who participated and donated to the fund to send the sports bras to Africa! It was a great event!

A big thank you to the following:

Jeff Selden: organizer, logged results, calculated the Sinclair scores
Doug Kenik and Steve Prager: helped organize, weight changers
Don Robbins: judge (travelled all the way from Florida just for this meet!)
Marie Vrubelova:  her idea!

olycomp_3 olycomp_4 olycomp_5 olycomp_6 olycomp_7 olycomp_8 olycomp_9 olycomp_10 olycomp_11 olycomp_12 olycomp_13 olycomp_14 olycomp_15 olycomp_16 olycomp_17 olycomp_18 olycomp_19 olycomp_20 olycomp_21 olycomp_22 olycomp_23 olycomp_24 olycomp_25 olycomp_26 olycomp_27 olycomp_28 olycomp_29 olycomp_30 olycomp_31 olycomp_32 olycomp_33 olycomp_34 olycomp_35 olycomp_36 olycomp_37 olycomp_38 olycomp_39 olycomp_40  olycomp_42

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