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Thinking of cutting back on strength building exercises for race season?

Think again! There’s a big misconception that circulates the endurance community. This false idea is the idea that strength training in heavy rep ranges will make endurance athlete’s big and slow. Whether its runners, triathletes, rowers, or just about any other … Continue reading

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At CrossFit 7220 the trainers are dedicated to providing a worthwhile experience at every WOD, everyday. Although each athlete has different strengths and weaknesses, we hope to focus our activities during classes to optimize your performance during the WOD as well … Continue reading

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East gym now has 2 fully functioning showers for post-WOD sweat and grime removal.  Enjoy! (Don’t forget to also wipe down your equipment)

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Pink Ladies of CrossFit

(and one who didn’t get the memo…)

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It can always be worse.

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Tips for Wednesday’s WOD!

  Click here for Quick Rowing Tips with Jason Khalipa   An honest push-up (CrossFit Journal excerpt) So, “what is an honest push-up?” An honest push-up moves slowly from full extension to a point of maximum depth without “reaching” for … Continue reading

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Is pull-ups one of your goals?

CONQUERING YOUR FIRST STRICT PULL-UP -from BoxLife Magazine, April 10, 2014 Ah, the good ol’ strict pull-up. Nothing like having to elevate your entire body weight! Some people have no problem banging out strict pull-ups. However, a large population of … Continue reading

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