10 Questions with Paul Bennick

1. When and Why did you start CrossFitting?
 I have kind of flirted with Cross Fit for a number of years, doing it a little in the Army, a little on my own, and a little in a clandestine gym that could likely be sued for ripping off the genuine article.  I have really taken to it this time around because my focus is different.  I’m doing it for me.  I’m not looking for the program that will set me and my career apart from my peers, or because it’s being forced on me this time.  This particular gym has made it easy to enjoy fitness again.        
2. What changes have you seen in yourself since CrossFit?
I don’t have to force myself to go to the gym, I look forward to it.  I am able to do things that I haven’t in many years, and that feels good.
3. What are your 2 favorite CrossFit Moves?
Oh geez….Probably pull-ups, because I can do more now than ever before.  I really enjoy the snatch as well.  It’s finally starting to make sense to me, the movement feels more fluid and natural to me these days and it’s a little win every time I put another plate on and complete the lift.
3. What one song would be sure get you a PR?
 I would PR workouts like a machine gun if “Mother” by Danzig were on repeat every day when I’m in the gym.  That song brings out my inner pubescent vandal, looking to cause felonious property damage.
4. Design a WOD you would be tempted to click “cancel” on:  Karen.
5. Where is the furthest  CrossFit Box from Laramie you’ve been to.
I have never been to another Cross Fit gym.  One of these days I’ll find one with cool t-shirts though and do a WOD there.
6. Which 7220 athlete do you most want to be like?
Chris Michael.  He’s a handsome devil.
7. What do do when you are not throwing it down at 7220?  I fly fish or hunt every chance I get, and I like to work in my garden during the growing season.  I guess my hobbies all surround putting something on my plate.  Throwing a ball around doesn’t put succulent animal protein in my belly, Justin Timberlake concerts sure as hell don’t either.  I don’t have time for such nonsense.
 8. What is your fav Zone recipe?
Probably the bacon and sweet tater concoction.  Anytime you can mix pork with your roughage, it makes it a little easier to accept that vegetables now occupy the percentage of your diet that bread and gravy used to.
9. If you could choose one word to describe Rachael Sisneros what would it be?   
 Her enthusiasm rubs off on everyone in the gym.  The WOD’s she attends are noticeably better for her being there.  (sorry nothing clever here)
10. You knew “Murph” right? Tell us about your experience with him. 
We were both members of a Naval Special Warfare Task Force in Baghdad in 2004.  Each element of the task force was made up of a contingent of Naval personnel, and a squad of Army personnel.  My squad and Murph’s made one of those elements.  I could go on for some time about him, but I guess what stands out most in my minds eye were the things that made him outstanding in every way; his work ethic, his attention to detail, and his teachability.  I observed very quickly that the thing that separated men of his caliber from the average, was his willingness to learn anything from anyone if it had value.  His ego never got between him and a valuable lesson, even if it came from an Army buck Sergeant.  Everything he did, he did flawlessly.  There was no half assed anything with him.  He would do pull ups in full battle rattle that easily weighed in excess of 100 pounds, and he would smile while he was doing them.  I admired him so much, I always wanted to emulate those qualities that were so naturally a part of him.  After a decade, those are the things I remember most.  I take his example with me everywhere, at home with my family, at work, especially at the gym.  I try to work hard, and be the most teachable, most coachable person in there every day.  By virtue of those qualities I will improve.  It was the honor of my life to serve with him, and it is my privilege that to me, Murph will always be more than the name of a workout.
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