Nutrition Challenge Winners


Congratulations Nutrition Challenge Participants!

A job well done for those who participated in the challenge. Everyone who changed their eating habits for the better is a winner! Below are the top rankings…

1st Place: Matt Lehning

2nd place: Megan Peterson

3rd place: Marty McKinney

4th place: Paul Bennick

Top Scoring couple: Paul and Kristi Bennick

Biggest Loser in waist circumference: Chris Maki

Biggest Loser in hip circumference: Ben Cook

TOP 20 finishers:

Matt Lehning
Megan Peterson
Marty McKinney
Paul Bennick
Kelly Johnson
Toby Marlatt
Brett Moniz
Michelle Sasse
Dax Robinson
Kristi Bennick
Pennie Weir
Frank Murdoch
Mike Dorssom
Cara Kleven
Jill Rettinger
Janelle Kilmer
Dan Bleak
Katie Griffin
Corina Powell
Josh Morro
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